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What’s a Standard Air Filter Size?

What’s a Standard Air Filter Size?

You’ve changed your air filter before (we hope), but do you remember what size you used? Since you probably only change it every 30-90 days (or maybe longer; here’s why that’s bad), you probably have to check the size every time it’s time to replace it. Of course, this sounds easy when you hear the […]

3 Tips for Home Air Filter Replacement

Maintaining clean air in your home is essential if you want to keep respiratory conditions and allergies at bay (and if you hate dusting!). The air is full of irritants and pollutants such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, smoke, plant and mold spores, bacteria, and possibly even (in older homes) volatile substances like asbestos, […]

The Truth About Changing Your Air Filters

Air filters are essential for healthy air. Whether it’s the filter in your car or your home, they screen out the gunk in the air that could clog your engine or HVAC system (and your lungs). Pollen, dust, and other pollutants are unavoidable, but an air filter prevents them from circulating. In race cars, air […]

Never Forget to Change Your Air Filter Again

As a NASCAR driver, Blake Koch knows the value of regularly changing the oil in his vehicles. He knows dirty oil will affect his motor and his race results, so changing his oil was easy to remember. Blake has a little more trouble with his home’s air filter, however. He can never remember how long […]

What I Learned About Air Filters

First of all, I did a Twitter contest for my followers to win a FilterTime hat and shirt, and to enter you had to tell me the last time you changed your air filter. I was shocked at some of the responses and how long people have gone without changing their air filters, but the […]