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From NASCAR to Air Filters 

After completing two of my best years as a NASCAR driver, I decided to take something that was just an idea at the time and turn it into a reality. I wanted to offer people an air-filter subscription service, FilterTime™.


From NASCAR to Air Filters

I have always known how important it is to change your air filters frequently, but I always forgot to do it, or forgot when I had last changed them. I either went all the way to the store to get them and they didn’t have my size, or I got all the way there and forgot the sizes. I also remember staring at all the different filters types, wondering which one I needed because there were so many options. Overall it was just an overwhelming process.

The Process

So I started FilterTime™, an air filter subscription service via the web that allows you to choose your air filter and how often you want it delivered – without ever having to go through the hassle again. It was a super-simple idea and I decided to keep it a super-simple process.

The Partnership |  Blake Koch & Dale Earnhardt Jr.

My next step was finding a partner that could get FilterTime™ in front of as many people as possible and help with the marketing and branding. There was only one person I had in mind that could help take FilterTime™ where I wanted it to go. I have always thought Dale Earnhardt Jr. was the best at branding and marketing. The resources he has with Dirty Mo Media and JR Motorsports, and his desire to win at everything he does, made him the partner I wanted.

After sitting down with Dale, explaining FilterTime™ and the vision and passion I had for it, we became partners. I couldn’t be more excited to be partners with Dale and provide America’s homeowners a way to check air filters off their to-do list for good.

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