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HVAC Contractor Wholesale 

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FilterTime will sell in case quantity to contractors around the country. High Quality MERV 8,11,13 and a Great Price! contact us now to learn more or email

FilterTime's exclusive HVAC Drop-Ship Maintenance Program provide our top-of-the-line air filter delivery service to HVAC companies to save clients time and money. 

HVAC Air Filter Referral Program

As an HVAC technician, no one knows better than you the benefits of changing out your HVAC air filter on a regular basis. Encouraging your clients to change their filters on a regular basis can save technicians and clients a lot of time and money. At FilterTime, we know the importance of changing your air filter which is why we created a referral program for HVAC companies. Our program gives you a custom link and discount code for your customers to subscribe and receive their air filters to their door right when they need them. Contact us for more information and a referral discount for your customers.

Drop-ship Air Filters to Clients

FilterTime also offers a drop-ship program for maintenance contracts. This allows you to set up your clients in the system and drop-ship the filters right to your clients. Contact us for more information on our maintenance contracts.

If you're interested in learning more about FilterTime's HVAC Programs, contact us now to get signed up.


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