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Property Management

FilterTime's exclusive Property Management Program provides our simple and easy-to-use air filter delivery service in a way that meets the unique needs of rental companies and property management groups.

Don't Forget to Change Your Air Filters

The current rental market is trending towards increased simplicity, "turn-key" service, and overall convenience. Renters are far less likely than homeowners to remember to change their air filters, and in the case of younger renters, they typically expect air filter replacement to be handled for them. Most renters either simply forget about changing their filters or they don't know how to change their filter or don't know what size filter they need. FilterTime can help facilitate the filter replacement process for landlords and managers by setting up easy-to-manage subscriptions for your units and properties, ensuring the correct size replacement filters are delivered on time for each of your addresses. Residents will no longer forget to replace their filters when the correct size, easy to install filter shows up routinely on their doorstep.

Save Your Residents Time & Money

Department of Energy studies indicates that changing air filters regularly saves up to 15% on heating and cooling bills, and HVAC issues can be reduced by up to 40%. With our negotiated bulk price discounts, FilterTime can help you save your residents time and money by allowing them to skip trips to the store and reduce their utility costs through routine filter replacements. And you, as the property manager, can pass that cost through on your rental agreements to provide the turn-key service your renters are looking for.

If you're interested in learning more about FilterTime's Property Management Program, contact us now to get signed up. 833-345-8378 

 Property Managment Wholesale

FilterTime will sell in case quantity to Property Managers around the country. High Quality MERV 8,11,13 and a Great Price! contact us now to learn more or email


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