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65 Unique Ways to Save Money during COVID-19

May 19, 2020
Saving Money with FilterTime

Where to Start When Trying to Save Money

It can seem impossible at times to begin saving money especially if you are in a hard-pressed financial situation but we can assure you it is possible and, well, you have to start somewhere to make progress. We suggest you start with a few small goals to meet every paycheck or every month depending on your bills and debt. Once you see the money adding up in your savings account you will automatically feel better and more motivated to continue cutting back and saving cash. We’ve outlined 65 easy ways to cut back on spending below.

Easy ways to save money fast

  1. Make a monthly budget and stick to it
  2. Create a savings account for emergencies only
  3. Pay your bills with auto-pay to avoid late fees
  4. Shop in bulk for toiletries and non-perishable food items like canned and processed foods
  5. Open the windows from time-to-time instead of having the AC on full-blast
  6. Find free entertainment sources for the kids (movie nights in the park, picnics, hiking on local trails)
  7. Get a library membership for renting out books and movies, most libraries even offer digital downloads
  8. Eat at home and eat leftovers when possible
  9. Get familiar with coupons for restaurants, shopping and splurge items
  10. Change your air filters regularly to save up to 15% on heating and cooling bills
  11. Shop around online and compare prices on large purchases to make sure you are getting the best deal
  12. Keep your showers short and not too hot to save on energy costs - time your showers if you have to
  13. Take showers instead of baths since you will use less water and heat this way
  14. Keep a coin jar for any extra change you end up accumulating - over time, you can accumulate a lot of money just in change alone
  15. Reuse wrapping paper and gift bags
  16. Look into online thrift shops and consignment stores for clothing and houseware
  17. Pack your lunch for work instead of going out or ordering out which can add up fast
  18. Order water instead of soda or pricey drinks at restaurants
  19. Split meals at restaurants or takeout with your spouse or friend - American restaurant portions are usually enough for two people anyways
  20. Buy generic brands instead of name brands
  21. Create a grocery list and meal prep ideas before going to the store to avoid impulse purchases
  22. Never grocery shop when hungry because you may end up buying things you don’t need
  23. Use less laundry detergent to save on detergent cost - try cutting your usual portion in half
  24. Carpool for events with friends and family to save on gas
  25. Ride a bike or walk to local places to save on gas costs
  26. Plan a fun staycation in your city instead of a remote vacation
  27. Refinance your mortgage
  28. Cancel any subscriptions you don’t regularly use or benefit from
  29. Look into websites like Groupon for savings and deals
  30. Sign up for customer rewards programs to save on food and services
  31. Don’t turn down freebies you can use - whether it is a free meal, clothing or furniture
  32. Buy used or refurbished appliances and electronics instead of brand new
  33. Always use in-network medical providers instead of out-of-network when possible
  34. Go to the doctor and dentist regularly and continue getting check-ups to prevent unnecessary health or dental issues from arising
  35. If you live alone or have a spare room, consider getting a roommate to save on your rent or mortgage payments
  36. Look into cheaper work-out options such as low-priced gyms and digital apps that allow you to get good exercise from home
  37. Invite friends over for coffee, dinner or a movie night instead of going out to places where you’ll more than likely spend a lot more money
  38. Attend free concerts, festivals and events put on by your city for entertainment
  39. Look up happy hour specials at your favorite spots if you plan on going out and limit the number of drinks you have
  40. Split Uber or Lyft with friends if you are going out and need a ride
  41. Pay in cash instead of putting it on a credit card to avoid interest fees
  42. Make your own coffee in the mornings instead of stopping in at a coffee shop or drive-thru
  43. Learn to make your own cleaning and hygiene products instead of purchasing them - this includes hand sanitizer
  44. Watch the game at home instead of a sports bar
  45. Get rid of your landline - most folks only need a cellphone these days anyways
  46. Go to the matinee movies instead of at night which tend to be more expensive - you can also wait and watch movies through online rentals which are much cheaper
  47. Learn how to garden to grow your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs to save on grocery bills
  48. Make your own greeting cards for birthdays and special holidays instead of purchasing expensive cards
  49. Take your own photos instead of hiring a professional photographer
  50. Go vegetarian - eating less meat, in general, saves money on your grocery bills so even going veggie a few nights a week will help
  51. Keep up-to-date with pet vaccines to avoid any health issues that could arise
  52. Learn how to bathe and groom your pets instead of taking them to an expensive groomer
  53. Get crafty with home decor and art for your home instead of spending a lot of money on items you can make yourself
  54. Keep receipts for returns and check them after you shop to make sure you aren’t being overcharged
  55. Get out in nature more often for entertainment and relaxation
  56. Learn to appreciate the things you have vs. the things you do not have
  57. Volunteer to help others and as a way to stay busy and to meet people
  58. Use energy-efficient light-bulbs which last longer overtime
  59. Inform your friends and family that you are now on a budget so you can have their support along the way
  60. Ask yourself “Do I really need XYZ?” before you purchase
  61. Have a yard sale or sell unused items on Craigslist or at consignment shops
  62. Quit smoking! Not only is it unhealthy but it is also an expensive habit
  63. Shop your own closet - instead of purchasing new items get reacquainted with what you already own
  64. Become less high-maintenance in the beauty department to spend less on products
  65. Do a holiday gift exchange with family and your group of friends instead of purchasing gifts for each individual member

Do you have any other good ways that you have cut back spending in general or during the COVID-19 crisis? Let us know so we can add it to our list and remember to stay safe!

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