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A Day in the Life: Brian Zacharias, Vice President, Homesource Property Management

April 26, 2024

This is the first blog in a new series we are doing to highlight a day in the life of property managers and their experience with FilterTime’s exclusive Property Management Subscription Program.

Name: Brian Zacharias

Title: Vice President, Operations

Company: HomeSource Property Management

Q: How long have you been with HomeSource?

A: 1.5 years with HomeSource, and 8+ years previously with a large property management organization

Q: Tell me what a typical day looks like for you?

A: The start of each day always begins with a look at our customer service level reporting to ensure our team is handling residents’ needs professionally and compassionately. This is followed by a review of the portfolio KPIs to track trends and areas of concern for our partners. Depending on the trends, a discussion with the key stakeholders will occur to plan accordingly to course correct on any areas with opportunity to improve. Weekly reporting calls with our partners and regular cadence of meetings to ensure the entire operations department is aligned and aware of any changes in policy, procedure or market conditions that have taken place.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?

A: The biggest challenge in all property management organizations I feel will always be developing a culture where the entire team focuses on an empathetic relationship with our residents. Once we understand a resident situation, we can make decisions more effectively, even if it is a decision that does not meet the expectations of the resident. The team has a responsibility to be a fiduciary for our partners as well, but when we are unable to accommodate a request, our team should be able to deliver a response that is still satisfactory. As long as there is communication, there is understanding. (All of this is easier said than done.)

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: I love working for an organization that gives so much love to its teams and residents. Being able to use my experience in the industry to help develop talent, provide enhanced customer service levels as well as leverage technology to scale the business is all exciting stuff!

Q: Tell me your craziest resident story:

A: Last year we got a call from a resident who panicked saying they were locked out of their home and all of their belongings were in the front yard. This is highly possible if a resident has been going through the eviction process and always has ample notice weeks if not months leading up to the lockout date. Our team made quick work of looking through the details we had on this resident and everything in our system was in good standing and no evictions were ever filed and payments have always been on time. We continued to investigate and finally determined that the prior Property Management group had never dismissed the eviction on the residents who moved out prior to this resident moving in. Without going into detail on the MAJOR miss of the prior PM, our team handled the situation brilliantly and did everything in our power to help rectify this. The residents were extremely happy and kept in contact with us and we can all laugh about it now, but I cannot even imagine coming home to all of my stuff being put in the yard and being wrongfully evicted!

Q: How did you find out about FilterTime’s Property Management Program?

A: I was first put in contact with Blake Koch in 2019 with my previous company and began discussions to implement FilterTime into the single-family rental flow. We tested the program with some sample residents and lost traction on fully implementing it. Between then and now, I learned from Blake that FilterTime had a PM program and system developed that was turnkey. I couldn't get it implemented quick enough! We have been providing this service to all of our residents and it has been met with tremendous success.

Q: How long have you used our service?

A: We have used it for over a year now but have been using it personally for at least four.

Q: What’s the best part of FilterTime’s Property Management Program?

A: The BEST part is the company itself and its focus is on providing best in class customer service! The product quality is amazing, and it is always delivered in pristine condition. The system is simple and easy to use, and we plan to expand it in our operation in 2024.

Q: What have the residents told you about the service?

A: The residents and even employees have told me that they LOVE the ship to door subscription and the FilterTime brand itself. Most people have looked at the website and LOVE the story behind the creation with Dale and Blake!

Request for information about FilterTime’s exclusive property management program today and reap the numerous benefits it has to offer.

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