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How Air Filters Can Lower Your Home Energy Bill?

May 06, 2022
filtertime air filter subscription lower heating cooling bills
filtertime air filter lower home heating cooling bills

Did you know the US Department of Energy confirmed having clean air filters in your home can help you save 5%-15% on your heating & cooling costs?

Your home air filters will get dirty. They gather dust and debris over time, which restricts air from flowing into your home. Your HVAC unit then works harder and runs more often to keep the needed air quality. The more your HVAC unit works, the more electricity it uses.

Think about the temperature you prefer your home to be in winter and summer months. Now consider how often the someone is changing the thermostat's temperature to keep it comfortable, and how that increases your monthly heating and cooling bill. 

Your air filter plays an important role for the HVAC unit and the air quality that circulates. Some homeowners prefer to have their air filters delivered monthly, while others every 60 or 90 days. Once it’s delivered, changing them is effortless in comparison to the benefits of lowering your utility costs, better air quality, and having a more comfortable home environment.

Consider how much time you spend remembering to change your home air filters, getting the right sizes, and remembering when it's time to change them. FilterTime helps you have one less thing to remember. We schedule your deliveries as you need them so the right size air filters arrive on time to replace in your home.

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