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How To Remove Smells and Odors from Your Home

October 08, 2021
Cleaning - Removing Odors

Have you ever come home to find a smell that hits you so hard as you enter you almost fall over? Maybe your significant other burned dinner or worse, reheated fish in the microwave. Whatever the smell is, it’s bad — and, you likely don’t want it in your home.

Burned dinner and fish leftovers aside, it’s quite possible the odor you’re smelling is coming from a source that may require more than post dinner cleanup. It may require cleaning done by professionals [“fun fact”: mold may also have a less than perfume-like smell]. We’ll give you a few tips and tricks to remove smells and odors from your home here.

Indoor Odors

First, we want to explain the difference between an odor and a smell. A smell is considered a temporary odor. Think of a lighting a candle — while it provides a nice fragrance in the air when lit, once it is blown out, the smell of the candle fades away. Odors are longer lasting and, while they have a direct source, they can be hard to detect, identify and, eliminate. For example, your garbage disposal in your kitchen may be performing sub par and be the cause of a slight but, noticeable odor.

Why You Need to Remove Bad Odors

Aside from the awful smell you’ll want to remove odors from your home because certain odors can be harmful to your health or the odor could be the result of another issue. If there is a constant burning smell or something that smells like burnt rubber, you could have an electrical problem to address. If there is a wet or damp scent, you may have multiple problems [like mold] to address before the odor goes away.

Other Odor Causes

Let’s talk about other potential causes [or sources] — pets, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, air filters and more can all contribute to the odors in your home.

Pets [fur babies] are family members. But, they can cause odors too. Regular baths are essential — it helps keeps your pet healthy and, it helps eliminate their odors. You don’t want to ignore their toys and bed/sleeping area either. Odors can originate in those places so you will want to clean them regularly. Finally, unless you have a fur babe that doesn’t shed, pet hair is probably everywhere. Pet hair and dander can get matted down into your carpet or furniture. Vacuuming on a regular basis is a great start but, a deep carpet clean will really help eliminate odor.

Kitchens, bathrooms and, laundry rooms are all built around water sources. Sinks, refrigerators and dishwashers in the kitchen. Sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets in the bathroom. Washers and in some cases, dryers in the laundry room. While they all serve different purposes — each one can potentially be a source of odor. Removing odors in these locations starts with identifying the cause [a little detective work]…

Is it a pipe or tube where water has caused mold? Using a cleaning solution meant for drains will provide better water flow and it will eliminate any grime that has built up causing unpleasant odor.

Why does your washer smell? You put laundry detergent in every time you wash clothes —right? If you’re starting to get a hint of a musty smell coming from your laundry room, the washer is most likely the culprit. During and after each washing cycle, the washer will drain the water used. Sometimes the water will dry inside the drainage tubes and begin to smell over time. Most washers have a dedicated cleaning tablet or powder to be used every few months or after so many cycles. This cleaning solution cleans the interior of the washing machine and the drainage system.

Air filters collect dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, pet dander and more. They do this to keep the air in your home or office clean. Air filters get to work from the moment they are installed. Over time, as the air is filtered, the captured particles build up and can begin to smell. An extra dirty air filter can’t do it’s intended job. It will no longer be able to filter and/or clean the air in your indoor space and then may become the source of unhealthy odors. Your air filters should be changed regularly [we recommend every 1 - 3 months] for the best indoor air quality. You may also want to consider the addition of an air purifier [or plants!] to help clean the air and counter odor.

Breathe Better Air In Your Home

The point is — a clean home, is a happier home. Let’s recap. You can counter and remove smells and odors from your home by cleaning regularly, bathing your pets [and, their things too], using an odor catcher such as baking soda, cleaning appliances regularly, and changing your air filters on a timely basis. We can’t help with all of these things, but we are always happy to support. So, let us tackle the air filter chore — never forget to change your air filter again with an air filter subscription and front door delivery from FilterTime.

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