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Smart Home Upgrades to Consider Today

June 23, 2020
Smart Home instructions

The way in which we live our lives is changing, rapidly.

Technology is increasingly taking control of tasks, making everyday life that little bit easier. We see it on our mobile devices, in the way we shop, and our leisure pursuits. We are also seeing it much more in the way we interact with our homes.

Smart technology is bringing the 21st century home and more in line with the visions of the future our parents were presented with. Homes that react to their environment and be controlled via singular devices are making living in them much easier. Statista reveals that the smart home market is forecast to reach a value of more than $141 billion by 2023, which means consumers are buying into it more and more.

Which smart devices should you be investing in for your home? We have a handy guide to some of the practical, money-saving applications of the latest technology.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great place to begin if you feel like upgrading the technology in your home. For many years, homeowners have been able to control the temperature in their homes, but often the functions have been confusing on programmable devices. Traditional thermostats could also only be set to one temperature unless manually changed making it easy to use up more energy than needed.

A smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature when you are not home to keep your property at a comfortable level depending on the weather and season. You can also control it from a mobile device, with HomeServe detailing how you can program a smart thermostat to turn your heating on or up just before you return home. Having this level of control over your heating will not only make your life more comfortable but also significantly reduce your energy bills saving you money in the long run.

Room ambience is also a part of our ethos at FilterTime, so it might be pertinent to consider your filtration when installing a smart thermostat. Our products can help improve air quality around the home, so not only will you be warm and have the comfort of smart technology with a thermostat, but your air quality could also be improved leading to a better environment all around.

Smart Leak Detector

A smart leak detector is an intuitive device that can detect a water leak anywhere in the home, ensuring they are dealt with before they become a much more expensive problem. With 20% of homes likely to have undetected leaks, this is costing the insurance industry $25bn a year, as well as a lot of damage and disruption to homeowners. If your water bill always seems to be high then investing in a smart leak detector could be a money-saving solution.

Smart Lock

Geeky Gadget outlines how there are plenty of smart locks on the market. The advantage of a smart locking system is that it can be programmed to accept different sets of fingerprints for people who have a large family. You even can give someone access while you are on holiday, and then take them off and have complete peace of mind. A smart lock can also be programmed to accept a pin code, and there is even an option to unlock your home using your smartphone, especially useful if you have elderly relatives or sudden visitors you wish to admit.

Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are exceedingly popular in Asia, with some brands providing heated seats and music. The more practical uses include water management features that regulate how much water is used to flush, saving on your water bills.

Some of the more advanced smart toilets have a seat that automatically lifts and closes as well as a self-cleaning function to save you the unpleasant job when it needs doing. In terms of home comfort, a smart toilet is a luxurious option.

If you want a non-tech way to upgrade your home read our article ‘Plants That Purify the Air Indoors’.

Article written by Odette Biel

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