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What I Learned About Air Filters

August 18, 2018
Changing an Air Filter
Blake Changing AirFilters

First of all, I did a Twitter contest for my followers to win a FilterTime hat and shirt, and to enter you had to tell me the last time you changed your air filter. I was shocked at some of the responses and how long people have gone without changing their air filters, but the majority was within the past 3 months, which is a good thing. Some people said it has been a year, some said 2 years, and a few people said they couldn’t even remember. It’s not an easy thing to remember, it’s out of sight out of mind. That’s why I started To take remembering to buy air filters off everyone’s to-do list for good.

Why it’s Important to Change Your Air Filters

I learned the importance of changing your air filter back in college when I had an apartment and the AC kept freezing over and my roommate and I would lose our air conditioning in FL 95 degree summer heat. We did some research and quickly realized that we needed to change the air filter and that was the problem.

I took air filters to a whole new level after I moved to North Carolina and my allergies were horrible. I had a big race coming up in 2013 and I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as could be to perform my best. I actually thought I needed glasses or something because my vision was blurred sometimes and always had headaches. My doctor recommended I go see an ear, nose and throat specialist and get tested for Allergies. Well, come to find out I was highly allergic to dust, pet dander, and many other things. The first thing the specialist told me to do was make sure I used a good Allergen air filter and change it often. From that point on, my house had clean air filters.

Keeping a clean air filter isn’t the easiest thing to do. You have to remember when you changed it last, the sizes, and what type of filter to buy. And the worst part is when you finally remember to go to the store they don’t have your size! Again, that’s why is perfect. Measure your filters one last time, choose your allergen level, your shipping schedule and the box of fresh filters at your door is your new reminder.

Tip for Installing an Air Filter

For some people, the air filter is a little smaller than the opening and it doesn’t stay put in the ceiling when you’re trying to install it and shut the vent. Here is a trick for you. Turn the AC or run the AC fan before installing it, it will suck the filter uptight and you won’t have to hold it in place while you try and shut the vent.

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