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Our Story

Blake Koch NASCAR driver family

Hi, I'm Blake Koch. After coming off 2 of my best years in NASCAR and racing in the playoffs for a championship, I found myself sidelined due to lack of sponsorship. I worked so hard promoting and marketing different companies that sponsored me and I had nothing to show for it in the end. I thought to myself one day driving home, if I had marketed and promoted my own company as much as I did all of the others over the years I would probably be able to sponsor myself, and at that point I decided to take something that was just an idea at the time and turn it into a reality. I am going to offer people an air filter subscription service.

I have always known how important it is to change your air filters frequently, but I always forgot to do it or forgot when I changed them last. And then I either went all the way to the store to get them and they didn’t have my size, or I got all the way there and forgot the sizes. I also remember staring at all the different filters wondering which one I needed because there were so many options it was overwhelming.

So I started FilterTime™, a website that you can go to, and for the last time ever, pick out your air filter and how often you want it delivered. It was a super simple idea and I decided to keep it a super simple process.

People often ask me when I am going to race again and my answer is, when FilterTime™ gets enough subscribers I will sponsor my self in a race, and live out my new dream of being my own sponsor and really truly promoting a company that I believe in while doing what I love.