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3 Signs You Might Have the Wrong Air Filter Sizes in Place

April 27, 2023

A HEPA air filter can remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles. It's important to have air filters in your home to prevent you from getting sick and get rid of harmful chemicals. But, using the wrong air filter size can restrict airflow and lead to more issues.

It's easy to determine correct ac filter sizes by looking at an air filter size chart. Even though there are different types of air filters, these products come in two common air filter sizes. You have the actual size and the nominal size.

Before you make your next air filter purchase, read this article so you don't end up with the wrong air filter measurements.

Actual vs Nominal Size

When browsing for air filters, the label will give you the nominal size, which is the surface area of the air filter size. The actual size is the length and width of the air filter area. So, some people might buy a filter that's too thick for the structure, which won't work effectively.

Likewise, if the actual size is too big, it won't fit into the nominal measurements. This can be challenging if you have several air filters and need to find the right components. Therefore, it's important to learn about how these systems work and why it's essential to check both the nominal and actual size of the item.

3 Obvious Signs You Have the Wrong Air Filter Size

A standard air filter size will ensure that the system works correctly and improves the air quality of a home. It's essential that the size is suitable for your air filter if you want to have high-quality air and avoid leaks.

One way to measure the right size is to take a ruler and record the filter space's length, width, and depth. To save you time replacing the air filter, write the measurements in a notebook or on the side of the unit so it's easy to find.

But, if the measurements are incorrect, you'll notice some obvious problems with the air filter.

1. Too Big or Too Small

Researching common air filter sizes can give you an idea of the measurements for these units, but you'll never know the exact size until you see it. So, if you buy an air filter online without testing the length or width in person, it will most likely be too big or too small.

When you place the air filter in the slot, and it doesn't glide in, it's too bid. This means you'll need to spend extra money replacing the filter and finding the perfect size.

An oversized air filter can't be adjusted, so it will also need to be replaced if it's too tight for the narrow space. To avoid this, it's essential that you check the materials and frame. This allows you to assess how strong or soft the air filter needs to be. You want the air filter to stay in place without falling out, or it can injure people.

Plus, it can lead to damages like damages that require expensive repairs.

2. Bad Air Quality

Air filters are meant to operate quietly in the background of your home, keeping you safe and providing fresh air. These units are great for removing excess dirt and dust in a home. And they can improve allergies by filtering pollen out of the space.

If the air suddenly feels heavy or you're coughing more than usual, there could be a problem with your air filter size. A poorly fitted air filter can leave open gaps that allow allergens and dust to escape and pollute the air circulation.

Ask your air filter seller for recommendations on materials and sizes to ensure you find the right match. Studies show that bad air quality can also lead to other issues like asthma and respiratory problems. Once you have a working air filter, plan regular maintenance checks to test different features. is good

3. Increased Bills and Frequent Repairs

Furnace filter sizes and other units are crucial for controlling heat and cool temperatures But, rising energy bills could result from the wrong air filter. It's normal for home bills to rise during winter or summer when temperatures fluctuate, but if it's a consistent problem throughout the year, you need to check the air filter size.

If the air filter is too large, it will cause the system to run slowly and reduce the efficiency of the filtration process. This requires more energy to run during the day and will increase your bills.

Air filters that are too small for the unit also lead to issues such as dust blocking airways and stopping them from working. Over time, this puts more pressure on the air filter, resulting in frequent repairs.

Are you paying for repair costs for blocked air filters or damages all the time? Then, it's time to look for new sizes and ask your seller for advice.

The two most popular options for air filters are standard 1 or 2-inch designs. But it's also possible to use box filters as they come in various sizes.

Buying from a respectable seller is the best way to have the right sizes and value for your money. This is crucial if you need to invest in multiple filters and want to find a good deal for batch orders. So, look at your website for a selection of air filters for your home.

Air Filters Sized to Perfection

Learning about nominal and actual air filter size options saves you time buying faulty products that end up in the garbage disposal. Not only is this harmful to the environment, but it can also influence our health. The buildup of allergens and dust can irritate your lungs and create asthma complications.

So, it's vital that you prioritize finding high-quality filters made from durable materials. On our store, you can browse pet-friendly filters that are great for homes with animals. And we also offer supreme filters that protect against smoke and other viruses.

Select your filter type and process to check on our website. Then, enjoy breathing the fresh air at home!

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